Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Launching of itsz electric!

Today I had a random burst of creativity. it all started with literature, and then spread into the exploration of music, and arts. Therefore i decided to create a blog to keep track of my ideas, and share it with everyone.

This is a taste of what i will be publishing:
Tavarua. I write random shit like this in my notes with the dream of eventually going back and looking at it. Not only looking at it but acting on it. Tavarua for example, is my dream of someday visiting Tahiti with a group of interesting Friends such as TK. The sad truth is that I look back on these notes so far into the future after I wrote them that they mean nothing to me anymore(or are on a totally different mindset). By this, for example, I mean that I was probably being optimistic and thought that I could travel to Tahiti in the near future, but now I dwell on the harsh truth of having to move out of my mom's house, having to buy a car, and a laptop. Maybe instead of writing so much shit down, I should act on it right away and see if it happens. If not, then I will at least know I tried and eliminate it from haunting my thoughts several months into the future, and keep them from congesting  my notes.

Thanks for reading!
Sammy Zaglul


  1. Please leave a comment once you've read it to see what my friends want to read, or what you think i should change/improve. Thanks!

  2. BTW I said "shit" because i had previously read on article on how to improve your writing, and one of the advice was to "write how you talk". It gave the example of Shakespeare writing using all of his vocabulary, therefore, having a variety of words in his literature that flow naturally instead of organized. And "shit" is natural, organic.

  3. Looking forward to your thoughts