Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de drinko, Cinco de Amor, Cinco de Mayo, whatever you want to call it, it is the reason for my Blog being so brief and sloppy today! No one wants to sit down and read the whole day, we just want to drink!

Feel Good tips
-enjoy of some good music
-be happy, and ALWAYS try to keep a smile on your face.
-celebrate life.

Take some time out of your schedule to do something you have never done before. I went out with some friends to simply watch the sunset by the pier. We hiked through the rocks at South Beach to a point where the water was spraying us as it hit the rocks, and the cool wind gave us goosebumps. What we saw there was pure life taking place. When we set out on this little journey I thought i was just being a hipster and we were not going to take much from the experience other than a little hike through the rocks. I was wrong. As soon as we got there we were welcomed by the stunning view of a huge orange Sun setting down among the buildings of Downtown Miami and The Port of Miami. We set forth on our hike and encountered life: a Grandfather taking his grandson on a similar journey, a fisherman trying to catch the evening's dinner, and a peculiar fellow who seemed to have hooked the catch of his life, but even with the help of me and my friends he could not seem to get the fish out of the water. He was really nice, and decided to give each of us a beer for our help.

Experiences like these only take a couple hours out of your day and will last a lifetime.

Make Love Cove Love, HA I just had to say it, its Thursday after all!

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